Burlington County Art Guild, Inc.



All programs will take place immediately following Burlington County Art Guild membership meeting, which will take place the third Tuesday of each month designated by the guild. Venue: Burlington County Library, 5 Pioneer Dr., Westampton, N.J.

BCAG 2018 Winter Members' Show


Pre-registration will be required: December 20
Delivery: Saturday, January 6th, 11 AM to 1 PM
Pick up: Saturday, February 24th, 11 AM to 1 PM

Pemberton Library
Browns Mills, NJ

PROGRAM Mick McAndrews – Watercolor, Plein Air @7:00pm

Mick McAndrews Website

Mick's paintings strive to capture the mood and atmosphere of a subject, combining the magic of watercolor with reverence for the principles of design to create works of sophisticated simplicity.

Burlington County Library
5 Pioneer Blvd.
Westampton, NJ

PROGRAM FILM featuring Richard Schmid – Oil, Plein Air @7:00pm

Richard Schmid Website

Richard Schmid is considered one of the greatest living American realist artists. He's been called a "painter's painter", and more than 3,000 paintings have earned him both critical and commercial success.

Burlington County Library
5 Pioneer Blvd.
Westampton, NJ




Burlington County Library
5 Pioneer Blvd.
Westampton, NJ




Burlington County Library
5 Pioneer Blvd.
Westampton, NJ

PROGRAM Marie Natale – Watercolor @7:00pm

Marie Natale Website

Marie teaches watercolor, sharing knowledge of art theory and design as well as techniques in this exciting medium.

Burlington County Library
5 Pioneer Blvd.
Westampton, NJ

Past Presenters

SANDY SANDY (Watercolor, Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper) Sandy offers watercolors on Yupo paper, alcohol ink art and services to collectors, art enthusiasts, serious students and casual hobbyists. Her teaching appeals to people who want to learn new approaches that free them from limiting thoughts, fear of failure and anxiety.

Sandy Sandy Website

GWYNN DI PILLA (Colored Pencil) Gwynn is an active artist and art teacher, focusing on drawing and teaching in colored pencil.

Gwynn Di Pilla Website

JUDY GANGEMI (Stained Glass) Judy showed her process of making stained glass items from the start of the project including the planning, tools, cutting and grinding the glass to a finished work of art. A medium that lends itself to two and three dimensions.

Judy Gangemi Website

KEN DAVIS (Framing) Ken Davis, of East Street Art, presented a program titled, "Saving Money" on Framing.

Ken Davis Article

NONA DOLAN (Reverse Painting On Glass) Long time member of the guild Nona studied art by attending numerous workshops and classes throughout the tri state area. She presented a short demonstration and examples of completed art, followed by a mini workshop.


RUTH FORMICA (Gouache Abstract) Philadelphia artist, Ruth Formica paints improvisational paintings using real objects and imagination. She demonstrated "How to Get Started when Creating Abstract Art."

Ruth Formica Website

TED XARAS (Portrait Demo) Ted has had numerous public and private commissions and a Time Magazine cover. He currently teaches portrait and figure painting in the continuing education program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Ted Xaras Website

STEFANIE LIEBERMAN (Animal Portrait in Oil Paint) Ms. Lieberman strikes a balance between the expressive and technical aspects of painting. She manages to clearly and eloquently define the strong personality of each animal in her paintings.

Stefanie Lieberman Website

NEAL HUGHES (Plein Air Painting) Neal shared his approach to Plein Air Painting and the materials and techniques that he uses. Discussed the fundamentals needed to create good paintings, with an emphasis on applying these fundamentals to painting on location. Neal did demonstrations and talked about his process, from sketches to finished paintings.

Neal Hughes Website

PATRICK CONNORS (Lecture on Linear Perspective) Among his many talents, he is a master in linear perspective for architectural and landscape painting, still life, portraiture, and artistic anatomy. Patrick has produced two online courses and a DVD on the topic of Perspective.

Patrick Connors Website

OLGA NIELSEN (Drawing Techniques) Olga attended the Moscow School of Fine Arts, where she studied art history and figure painting and drawing in the classical realistic tradition, with anatomy studies, and drawing and painting from life models.

Olga Nielsen Website

LEA WIGHT (Pastel Painting) Lea Wight is a teacher at the prestigious Studio Incomminatti in Philadelphia. She is an award winning artist whose work is represented in public as well as private collections through the word. Lea enjoys teaching oil painting, pastel, and drawing classes at the Studio Incomminatti. She is represented in three different galleries nationwide and has taught alongside Nelson Shanks at both the Studio Incomminati as well as The Artists' League in Manhattan.

Lea Wight Website

KAREN TITUS SMITH (Glazing Technique) Karen has a 30 year career creating, designing and painting paintings (often mural sized) for a Major New York design firm. This collaboration placed her work in exclusive four and five star hotels and corporate spaces throughout the United States. Spaces as prestigious as the Presidential suite of the historic Willard hotel in Washington, DC contain paintings by Karen Smith.

Karen Smith Website

JOHN GIANNOTTI (Sculpture Presentation) John Giannotti, a retired professor and Head of the Art Department at Rutgers University, presented to us a wonderful power point where he stopped and expounded on each individual slide. John enjoyed teaching for many years. He was instrumental in building the art department to a higher level where he instituted international studies abroad as well as devising the first and only art department to house and use computers in the tri state area. After many years of teaching, John made the decision to devote all his time to his sculpture.

John Giannotti Website

(Watercolor and Pastel)
Jill focuses on both portraiture and landscape, working in drawing, pastel and oil painting techniques. She has woven a narrative content into her portraiture and landscape imagery. Once she obtains her idea she works from drawings, oil sketches, memory, photographs, and imagination using traditional compositional devices and materials. Among her numerous awards she is a 1997 recipient of the Percy Owens Memorial Award for a Distinguished Pennsylvania Artist, from the Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and a 1976 William Emlen Cresson Memorial Travel Scholarship from PAFA. Her work is represented by Cerulean Arts Gallery and Studio in Philadelphia, PA.

Jill Rupinski Website